Swinging Can Save Your Marriage

Swinging And Marriage

Although having sex with someone who is not your partner might sound like cheating, it all comes down to proper communication and your personal desires. Today, there are many different forms of relationships, so while some people prefer monogamy, others might prefer polyamory or anything in between. Swinging, on the other hand, is considered part of the monogamous lifestyle because it is not cheating. It is enjoying delightful pleasures with your partner and other people who enjoy this kind of lifestyle. But did you know that swinging can actually strengthen your relationship and even save your marriage? Well, here are a couple of things you should know about the swinging lifestyle!

What Is Swinging?

Swinging is often seen as a lifestyle in which couples will exchange partners with other couples. It is all about consenting adults who are looking for new naughty experiences but are still loyal to their partners. Sometimes swinging involves group sexual activities. These activities are referred to as swinger lifestyle parties and are held in a swinger house. On premises swinger party, all swinger couples are welcome, and sometimes singles can partake in this activity as well. They are then referred to as swinger unicorns. Usually, female singles are a lot more socially acceptable to become a part of swinging couples than males. But this also depends on the couple in question.

The swinging lifestyle is all about trust, understanding, and compassion. A couple who is in a healthy relationship and knows how to properly communicate their feelings is more likely to have a successful and happy swinging lifestyle. Each swinger needs to be emotionally stable, confident, and honest about their likes/dislikes. It is not okay for one party to feel uncomfortable while the other thrives off of this lifestyle. A swinging lifestyle is only done properly when both partners are content and happy with their experience.

Swinging Is Not Just About Sex

A lot of people think that swinging is all about sex, but that is not true at all. Sure, sex is the main aspect of the swinging lifestyle, but there is more to that than just sex. Swinging is about opening up to your partner about very sensitive topics. It is about enjoying each other’s naughtiness and trusting each other completely. Once you are both able to fully trust your boundaries and clearly communicate your desires, you will be able to enjoy the swinging fetish parties to their fullest. These parties are open to many different kinds of couples; this includes gays, lesbians, and even mature swinger couples.

How to Get Into This Lifestyle?

Lucky for you and anyone else who is interested in trying out this lifestyle, today, anything is possible. With the power of the internet, you can easily find other swinger couples or even a swinger party to attend. Simply search for swinger parties near me, or check out Mylsgc.com. Here you can easily find other couples interested in attending hot swinging parties or events. You can even attend an interracial swinger party! It all comes down to you and your partner’s personal naughty preference.

Some couples get into swinging quite naturally. It can happen when you least expect it. If it does not happen naturally for you, do not hesitate to talk to your partner about your desires. Discussing your naughty desires and new things you wish to try can lead to a lot of amazing experiences, and overall, this is known to strengthen the bond between couples. Having such a profound trust can help save your marriage, especially if your love life has become stale. With that said, with proper communication, you also need to discuss boundaries. Trying out swinging once is a great idea, but that does not mean that you necessarily have to like it. If you are not comfortable with that, make sure to communicate it with your partner.

As for those who are interested in finding other couples, swinger unicorns, or swinger events, you should visit Mylsgc.com. The hedonic calculus can tell you everything about the naughtiness these parties provide. The swinger events are often filled with like-minded people who are just there to have lots and lots of naughty fun. They want to share those experiences with other couples who enjoy the same kinds of fetishes. Swinger events welcome all couples who are respectful of others, so if you are interested, simply visit Mylsgc.com.

Are You Ready For The Swinging Lifestyle?

This lifestyle is not meant for everyone, so keep that in mind. But here are a couple of signs that could indicate that you would enjoy swinging with other couples:

  • If you fantasize about having sex with other people but you do not want to cheat, swinging is a good alternative.
  • Do you get turned on by the idea of watching your partner have sex with other people?
  • Are you turned on by adventure and novelty?
  • Do you enjoy watching wife-swapping, group sex, or voyeuristic porn movies?
  • You are open-minded and love to enjoy new experiences.
  • Most importantly, can you separate love from sex?

These are just a couple of things that might indicate that you would enjoy swinging, and if that is the case, it is time to talk to your partner. Once the two of you are comfortable trying swinging, you will also have to learn the lingo and generally unspoken rules. The swinging lingo is quite simple, but you might be confused at first. There are terms such as soft swap, which indicates oral sex with a person who is not your partner, and hard swap, which means having sex with a person who is not your partner.

It is also curial to talk about expectations with your partner and to come up with a safe word. While doing the deed, hearing your partner say the safe word should mean stopping all swinging activities. It is important that everyone feels safe and comfortable during swinging and that everyone enjoys each other’s company. So for the best and naughtiest swinging experience, make sure to talk to your partner about their needs, wants insecurities, and overall desires.


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