Preparing For Your First Swingers Party

Preparing For Your First Swingers Party

Your first time at a swingers party can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, so it is best to walk in feeling fully prepared and confident. We bet you have searched for “swinger parties and found a few you would like to attend but you’re not sure how to prepare. Don’t worry, we have you covered, we put together some tips and guidelines to help you feel prepared for your party with swinger couples nearby Athens, Los Angeles. Let’s keep reading.

What to Expect at a Swingers Party

Swinger parties are not actually just one big orgy at all. It’s not like you see in the movies where everyone just walks around in their birthday suits all night.

On arrival, everyone will be fully clothed, there will be drinks and snacks. Everyone will basically mingle with each other, you can dance and do the usual things you would do at any other party. The only real difference between a normal party and a swingers party is that you and your partner will be deciding on who you’re going to have some sexy time with as a couple.

There are also myths that these types of parties take place in some dark alley with a password to get into the party etc. This is not usually the case, most swingers’ parties are hosted by couples in private residences, in hotels or dedicated clubs, and sometimes even on cruise ships. They are always only by invitation, you can’t just attend or gatecrash one.

There are usually rules in place for each swingers party you would attend and the rules would differ depending on what the organizers put forward.

6 Tips for Preparing For Your First Swingers Party

There is no better way than going into anything 100% prepared. Attending a swingers party unprepared can very easily end up in disaster. No need to stress though, we put together six tips for attending your first swingers’ party. Let’s check it out:

Set boundaries

In order to decide how much pleasure or pain will be caused by an action, you need to use the hedonic calculus to ascertain what you are both willing and not willing to experience. Discuss each other’s preferences and how far you are willing for each other to go. Some partners prefer to go all the way in sex with other partners, whereas others prefer to keep certain things sacred for marriage. Each couple to their own, and this is why it is important to have a sit down with your partner and be open with each other. The goal is for this to strengthen your relationship and add some spice.

Also, create a safe codeword that can be used at the party to express that you feel uncomfortable with something.

Dress to Impress

As the saying goes, first impressions last, and they do. It is important when going to a swingers’ party to dress the part. You want to look sophisticated, clean, healthy and of course sexy. Making some extra effort in terms of your outfit will pay off.

Check out the dress code of the swinger’s party and dress accordingly, making sure you look presentable and fun. Be sure to wear nice underwear or lingerie. Guys, no woman wants to see the holes in your undies, and girls, no guy wants to see yours! It’s not at all sexy!

Oh, and of course, to finish off your outfit, be sure to add some smellies so you smell really good and inviting as a couple. If you look dirty and unpresentable you may not be matched with another couple, leaving you feeling disappointed.

Prepare Safe Travel Options

Where there may be alcohol involved it is always good to make sure that you prepare safe travel options both to and from the event. It is never good to mix a party, especially not the heightened pleasure of a swingers party, and alcohol with driving. Be sure to call a safe taxi service to transport you and your partner to and from the event.

Know the Rules of the Party

Every swinger’s party will have its own rules, so it is important to be aware and familiarize yourself with the rules of the party. Some parties allow photos/videos, while others don’t. It would be highly embarrassing if you recognized a couple to swing with and were all hot and horny, only to be kicked out for breaking a strict rule.

Learn the Lingo

Once you and your partner feel matched with another couple, you will start discussing desires, fantasies, or rules. For eg. The term full swap is used for couples who are willing to have sex all the way with another couple, and sub is used for submissive. This will help you not to feel lost in conversation and also help with your confidence in setting your boundaries with the other couple.

Be Safe

It is important to only attend swingers’ parties by legitimate organizations/clubs for your safety as a couple. Paying a membership fee for being a part of a swingers club is worth the money spent for your safety as a couple in a swinger house near me in Los Angeles, California is assured.

You are bound to have a super pleasant first-time swinging experience if you as a couple follow these guidelines when attending a swinger party near me in Athens, Los Angeles, California. When there is already trust and connection between partners, swinging can add huge excitement to the relationship as fantasies get fulfilled. There can be a lot of sexual pressure in relationships, and swinging relieves that pressure as you fulfill sexual needs with other willing partners.

My lifestyle global community hosts safe swingers parties within the Athens, Los Angeles, California area. Having a well-known and established name within the industry presents to the swinger lifestyle all they have to offer. Be sure to check out the swinger’s parties near me, so you and your partner can have some naughty fun to spice up your romance!

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