Create new memories with other swinger couples!

learn new things from swinger couples

Having sex with one person repeatedly is more than enough to satisfy most people, but a specific group of people craves more. Instead of making love to their partners, they would like to hook up and fool around with strangers who don’t mind sharing their partners! You won’t have to lie to your girl anymore […]

Conflict resolution for the swinging lifestyle!

swinging lifestyle

There is no doubt that conflicts are inevitable in every relationship. Conflicts are part of every relationship, and one cannot avoid them altogether. Hence, the best way to get rid of these conflicts is to learn how to deal with them. The swinger party lifestyle is trendy across the globe. People in different corners of […]

Preparing For Your First Swingers Party

Preparing For Your First Swingers Party

Your first time at a swingers party can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, so it is best to walk in feeling fully prepared and confident. We bet you have searched for “swinger parties” and found a few you would like to attend but you’re not sure how to prepare. Don’t worry, we have you covered, […]

Hedonist House-Welcome To The Newest Elite Swingers Community

Swinger Parties

The Hedonist House is the best place to meet people who share your interests and fantasies. We’re a group of like-minded individuals who enjoy everything social events with other swingers in Athens. At the Hedonist House, we understand the need to be treated right, and have your needs met when it comes to meeting new […]

What To and Not To Expect At A Swinger Party

swinger party etiquettes

Swinging has been practiced in America for well over half a century now, yet there’s tons of myths, half-truths, and misconceptions being told about this ecstatically adventurous lifestyle. It gets worse if you’re getting your information from some ridiculous online forums whose members have likely never been to a swinger party. With a decade’s experience […]

Have the time of your life with complete strangers!

swinger parties

If you’re tired of having sex with only one partner every night until the end of your life, we have something new for your that might interest you. Instead of cheating on your significant other, how about you talk things over and consider going to a swinger party where both of you can have fun […]

Swingers Facts: You Must Know About!

Top Swingers Facts

How did Swinging get started? As far as anyone knows, swinging (as this community exists today, in the United States) had its roots amongst an elite group of U.S. Air Force fighter pilots during World War II. These men were wealthy enough to move their wives close to base, and the fact that their fatality […]

Nearby Swinger Parties For Amateurs: Basics You Must Never Ignore

Nearby Swinger Parties For Amateurs

You’re just about to head out for your first ever swinger party near you. You’re nervous, anxious and excited. Well, that’s okay because every other experienced swinger you’ll ever come across was at some point, exactly where you are today. With time, you’ll be fine – a pro so to speak. Before then though, you […]

4 Vital Things You’ll Learn After Your First Ever Swinger Party Near You!

Swinger Party Near You

You’re just about to attend your first ever swinger party. Strangely, you’re not as nervous as you thought you would be. You’re cool, calm and collected. As a matter of fact, your spouse, whose been to many fetish parties near me before, is the nervous one. Well, people are different and you’re probably calm because […]

8 Sure fire Ways To Stand Out At A Swinger’s Party

Swinger Party

Picture this – you have a thing for swinger couples. You love the idea of everything about swingers. There’s a problem though – you always have a hard time standing out at a swinger party. You know you can stand out and have a good time. You just don’t know how to. Here’s the thing […]